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Welcome to the Stasys Lozoraitis Skauti Vyciu Burelis Homepage

Who are we?

Formed in August 1998, the Stasio Lozoraicio Skautu Vyciu Burelis is the Washington, DC, based Rover Scout Troop for the Lithuanian Scouting Association. We are all Lithuanian-American Scouts who are interested in continuing our scout careers through adulthood. Lithuanian-American men who are Vyciai or aspire to become one are invited to contact the Burelis leader.

Our Burelis name is in honor of a prominent Lithuanian-American DC resident who spent his life representing the interests of the Lithuanian people and nation during the Soviet occupation that lasted from 1946 through 1990.

What is a Skautas Vytis?

Lord Baden-Powell first conceived the notion of Rover Scouts in 1918 and the LSS adopted the concept shortly thereafter in Lithuania and called the rank Skautas Vytis. The principle of the Skautas Vytis is a male adult who pledges to live his life according to scouting principles following a rigorous candidate program. The motto of the Skautas Vytis is “Tarnauk” or “To Serve.” To that end you will find a Skautas Vytis in all aspects of the Lithuanian Scouting, be it working with kids, providing a labor force during summer camps, and in general serving the cause of the Lithuanian Scouting movement.

Who Was Stasys Lozoraitis?

Stasys Lozoraitis, Junior
1924 - 1994

Stasys Lozoraitis was born into a diplomat's family in Berlin in 1924. His father, Stasys Lozoraitis Sr., served as Lithuania's Foreign Minister from 1934 to 1938, and was later appointed Ambassador to Italy in 1939, where he and his family, including Stasys Junior, were residing when World War II began in Europe. Following Lithuania's occupation by the Soviet Union, Stasys Lozoraitis Senior became responsible for all Lithuanian diplomats living in exile.

Stasys Lozoraitis Junior studied law at the University of Rome from 1944 to 1948, and in 1943 began his diplomatic career by working in the Lithuanian embassy at the Holy See (Vatican) in Rome, at the age of 19. In 1968, Lozoraitis took on additional diplomatic duties as part of the staff of the Lithuanian Legation in Washington, DC, and, in 1970, at the age of 46, he was appointed the senior Lithuanian delegate to the Vatican in Rome. Throughout Lithuania's Soviet occupation, Lozoraitis was a defender of Lithuania's independent diplomatic corps and a strong and dignified voice of protest against his country's loss of freedom.

When Lithuania reclaimed its independence on March 11th, 1990, Lozoraitis was a crucial advisor to the new democratic government, guiding Lithuania's newly elected leaders as they established ties to the Western world. When the free Lithuanian parliament was threatened by the Soviet government in Moscow in March of 1990, Lozoraitis received authorization to represent the Republic of Lithuania in exile should the Soviets arrest the leadership in Vilnius. In 1991, as Soviet control collapsed in Lithuania and the United States recognized Lithuania's independence, Lozoraitis was appointed Ambassador to the United States. He was also a member of the first Lithuanian delegation to the United Nations General Assembly in September, 1991.

Ambassador Lozoraitis returned to his native Lithuania in 1992. One year later, Lozoraitis was a leading candidate for President of Lithuania in the first presidential elections since the restoration of independence, but he failed to gain the required majority of votes, and so returned to Washington to continue his duties as Ambassador. In 1993, he was appointed Ambassador of Lithuania to Italy. Ambassador Lozoraitis died on June 13, 1994, and was buried in Putnam cemetery in Connecticut. His remains were brought to Lithuania on June 15, 1999, and reburied in Petraðiûnai cemetery in Kaunas. Thousands of Lithuanians attended his reburial ceremonies.

Through his great friendship and support of local Lithuanian activities, Ambassador Lozoraitis was a treasured member of the Washington area Lithuanian-American community. Throughout his life, and particularly while residing in Washington, DC, Ambassador Lozoraitis and his wife Daniela were great friends of young Lithuanians, opening up the historic Embassy building on 16 th Street for their events and gatherings, educating them about their heritage and Lithuanian history, and supporting Lithuanian youth organizations around the world, including the Lithuanian Scouts.

Biography provided by Darius Suziedelis

Previous Events

In July 2000 the Burelis had a canoe trip down a part of the Shenandoah River in Virginia. The highlight of the trip was when two of the candidates took their oaths and were elevated to Skautai Vyčiai.

The Burelis is instrumental in helping organize and run both day hikes and overnight hikes for the Karaliaus Mindaugo Draugovė. Photos from our most recent hikes:

Our members are outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy a variety of activities. One member handbuilt a kayak and has used it ever since including a burelio kayak trip

An annual event every spring is the Kaziukio Muge (Scout Fair). Members of the Burelis organize and participate in the Muge, especially as kitchen staff helping prepare lunch for hundreds of guests. For photos click here. (insert photos from previous Muge)


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Contact: burelio_vadas@yahoo.com